Briton killed in Kuala Lumpur Smart Tunnel car crash

A British visitor, travelling to Kuala Lumpur from Seremban with his Malaysian friend, was killed when their car crashed into a wall of the Smart  Tunnel in the city on Sunday (Dec 21)

Thomas George Maccabee, 22, died from injuries at the scene of the 4.50am incident.

Car driver Basheera Hayati Abdul Malik, 25, was rushed by rescuers to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital, where she is being treated for body and internal injuries, reported The Star.

Met at the hospital, her father said Basheera Hayati had just graduated and was working as a tutor.

“I do not know where she was headed nor the person she was with at the time of the accident.

“At the moment, she is too traumatised to speak to us,” added the father, who declined to give his personal details.

The case is being investigated as causing death by reckless or dangerous driving.

City staff officer for traffic investigation and regulation Deputy Supt S. Markandan said the vehicle driven by Basheera Hayati was believed to have crashed into the wall of the tunnel after she lost control of it.

“The strong impact killed the passenger (Maccabee) and caused internal injuries to the driver,” he said in a statement yesterday.

He added the cause of the crash was still under investigation.

“We have informed the British High Commission of the incident," said DSP Markandan. 

Source: The Star Online

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