Budget 2015: How to spend your $500 SkillsFuture Credit? Learn Mandarin, make-up or...

Under the new SkillsFuture scheme announced in Monday's (Feb 23) Budget, all Singaporeans aged 25 and above will get a credit of $500 from 2016 to spend on courses supported by government agencies.

There'll be further top-ups at regular intervals.

The big question then is: How should you spend it?

Should you apply for a course in line with your diploma or degree?

Or should you branch out and try something new, like learn a new language, pick up DJ techniques or even learn how to develop a footwear design collection?

(Yes, there are such courses available.)

We got an expert to share her opinion on how to get maximum mileage from what's given.



Learning need not be boring. 

Here are some fun options:

1) Assemble fresh flower bouquets

Participants will learn how to assemble flowers into bouquets in basic design forms such as flat-wrap flowers, circular and spiral bouquets and hand-held sheaves.

Like flowers? Then try your hand at one of these courses. File Photo: Reuters

2) Develop Footwear Design Collection

Participants will learn how to interpret current fashion trends and will be able to conceptualise a footwear collection.

3) Advanced Make-up Dynamics

Participants will learn advanced make-up techniques, hair styling techniques, make-up usage and the handling of make-up products.

Voila! Pick up tips and tricks of the trade. File Photo: Reuters

4) Business Mandarin Comprehensive Beginner

Participants will learn workplace-related content.

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