Bullies tied girl to tree, then do sick act...

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It's every parent's nightmare: Bullies sexually assaulting their helpless child - on school grounds.

Now Australian police are investigating the incident, which allegedly took place in 2011.

The teen was allegedly filmed on the perpetrators' mobile phones screaming as eight fellow students pulled down their pants and rubbed their genitalia on her.

She told her mother what happened only in April this year, The Advertiser reported.

Begging in vain

The girl's mother said a female student had tied her up. "My daughter noticed a gang of boys approaching ... she began to ask (the girl) to let her free ... as the boys drew closer they grabbed the hose and sprinkler," she said.

"By this stage my daughter was screaming and begging (the girl) to untie her; however, the girl chose to laugh at her and do nothing."

Pictures were also posted online, adding to the female Year Nine student's humiliation.

Photos and comments added to the humiliation

The mother said her daughter was a “confident, happy child” when she began her studies at the school in 2010 but became withdrawn and depressed in 2011. Sessions with teachers and counsellors failed to help.

Since the bullies were reported to police this year, the girl's Instagram account had been hacked into and the family home and car had been defaced.

The girl has since left the Adelaide high school.

The school principal told Daily Mail Australia he could not comment as police investigations are ongoing.

Senior Constable Mick Abbott told Daily Mail Australia they are looking into the matter with the Education Department.

The Daily Mail said experts believe more than 10 per cent of the nation’s schoolchildren have experienced abuse and harassment online.

She killed herself after suffering from years of bullying

In September 2013, Tasmanian teenager Chloe Fergusson (above) took her own life after three years of severe physical, verbal and mental abuse — including beatings filmed on mobile phones.

Her family has since campaigned for amendments to Federal legislation, called “Chloe’s Law”, that would criminalise cyber-bullying and impose jail terms.

Sources: Mail Online, The Advertiser

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