350 switch to bio, pharma careers under PCP

This article is more than 12 months old

More than 350 people have benefited from the Professional Conversion Programmes (PCPs) for the pharmaceuticals and biologics sectors since their launch in 2014, said Minister of Trade and Industry (Industry) S. Iswaran.

The PCPs, jointly developed by Workforce Singapore and Singapore Economic Development Board, help mid-career professionals reskill and get the knowledge and skills to take on jobs in different sectors.

Mr Iswaran cited the case of Mr Ong Shin Ran, 37, a PCP participant undergoing training as a bio-technologist with drug-maker AbbVie. Mr Ong previously worked as a manager in the marine and offshore industry for six years.

"The PCP's comprehensive curriculum and structured on-the-job training will equip Shin Ran with the skill sets needed for product and process improvements for the pharmaceutical industry," said Mr Iswaran at the opening of AbbVie's new biologics manufacturing facility yesterday.

He said the Government remains committed to making sure Singaporeans are equipped with the relevant skills to benefit from emerging opportunities and will continue to partner the industry to upskill people.

Mr Iswaran said AbbVie's new facility in Tuas Biomedical Park is a "timely" investment as ageing populations and technological changes are transforming the medical industry. The plant with a small molecule manufacturing facility represent a combined investment of $400 million by the biopharmaceutical company.

"The rise in healthcare expenditure will be driven by the emerging and lower income markets, and expansion of services in developed countries," said Mr Iswaran.