New shared facility to help food-makers save money, extend shelf life

Local food manufacturers can now extend the shelf life of products using an advanced technology known as high pressure processing (HPP) without having to fork out huge sums to buy their own equipment.

The new HPP resource sharing facility that officially opened yesterday allows firms to improve their capabilities in developing quality food products and better tap global market opportunities.

The initiative was set up by Enterprise Singapore, Warehouse Logistics Net Asia and Singapore Polytechnic's Food Innovation Resource Centre.

This public-private effort is the first in the pipeline of shared facilities that will be rolled out for the sector over the next three years in line with the Food Manufacturing Industry Transformation Map.

The HPP technology applies high pressure instead of heat or chemicals to food, allowing the nutritional qualities and taste to be retained while extending shelf life by up to four times longer.

It is hoped that the ready access to HPP facilities will encourage local companies to adopt this technique, while costs can be reduced for those processing products overseas.

Five food companies have been using the facility for commercial production since its soft launch in February. - THE STRAITS TIMES