Singapore is top Asian economy in adult full-time employment: Survey

Singapore has emerged as the top Asian economy in adult full-time employment, says a new survey.

It found that 48 per cent of adults here have full-time jobs. The figure excludes the self-employed.

Hong Kong was second at 43 per cent, and Taiwan next on 42 per cent, according to Gallup, which compiled the report showing how high-quality jobs improve work and life outcomes for businesses and employees alike.

Singapore was found to also lead the region in "full-time employment that engages workers", with 11 per cent of adults fitting this description. This was followed by Mongolia on 10 per cent, and the Philippines at 9 per cent.

Gallup defines people who are engaged at their jobs as "highly involved in and enthusiastic about their work", who drive performance and innovation and move their organisations forward.

It said research shows that across industries and countries, teams with highly engaged members are, on average, 17 per cent more productive than those with lower average engagement.

Globally, Singapore is third in terms of percentage of total adult population who are employed full time and engaged at work.

The US and Russia tied for first place with 13 per cent, while the United Arab Emirates was second with 12 per cent.

Singapore, Kazakhstan and Panama shared third place with 11 per cent.

Gallup said: "Despite Singapore's strong overall job performance relative to other countries, it still suffers from a large engagement deficit.

"While 37 per cent of Singapore's adult population have full-time employment, only 11 per cent of the population do so and are engaged at work."

It added: "This engagement deficit has negative impacts on employers and employees in Singapore, lowering productivity and retention as well as depressing workers' well-being.

"Business leaders in Singapore should be particularly concerned about engagement if they want to fully develop their human capital." - THE STRAITS TIMES