Singapore top smart city in 2017: Survey

Singapore has triumphed over big guns like London and New York to top a global ranking of smart cities in 2017.

The ranking lists the top 20 cities in terms of the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technology and connected services across the areas of mobility, health, public safety and productivity.

Singapore not only ranked as the top "smart city" but also came out tops in all of these key areas.

The survey found that the use of IoT-enabled infrastructure here, such as applied smart and connected traffic solutions used by the Land Transport Authority, may save drivers up to 60 hours a year.

San Francisco and London were ranked second and third in this area.

The survey also found that smart cities have the potential to save individuals about 125 hours every year.

Singapore, London and Chicago were found to be leaders in the area of encouraging digital innovation.

Market researcher Juniper Research carried out the survey with help from Intel.