Singapore tops Asia-Pacific again in attracting, developing talent

Singapore was tops in attracting and developing talent in the Asia-Pacific region for the fifth straight year and second globally, according to new report.

It measured the ability of 119 countries to lure, develop and retain talented people.

The index was produced with help from jobs agency Adecco and e provider Tata Communications.

Switzerland was No. 1 and the US at No. 3. Singapore, at No.2, was the only Asia-Pacific country in the top 10.

Five other Asia-Pacific countries ranked in the top 30 - Australia (11), New Zealand (12), Japan (20), Malaysia (27) and South Korea (30).

The 2018 index had the theme of diversity and looked at it from the cognitive angle (differences in knowledge, experience and perspectives) and identity (gender, race, age etc).

Zurich led the city rankings, followed by Stockholm and Oslo. The top five cities in the Asia-Pacific were Tokyo (12th globally), Seoul (18), Sydney (20), Singapore (33) and Auckland (46). - THE STRAITS TIMES