Tech-driven change: 84% of bosses favour coordinated response

This article is more than 12 months old

A survey of business leaders around the world found that 84 per cent favour a coordinated response to technology-driven change, preferably led by inter-governmental bodies and governments.

Half of the 1,400 business leaders surveyed believe this response should be led by inter-governmental bodies such as the United Nations, followed closely by individual governments (46 per cent), businesses themselves (37 per cent) and industry bodies (35 per cent).

These are some of the key findings in the Timeline 2030 report commissioned by Japanese company Fujitsu to look at the impact of technology on businesses and societies leading up to 2030.

While more than half of those surveyed believe that the impact of technological development will be positive, 76 per cent feel that neither their own nor international governments are doing enough to plan effectively for the impact of technology-driven change.

Business leaders expect the most impactful trends to be the world online, automation and the ageing population, but over half admitted they are not doing enough to prepare for the level of change anticipated.

The survey found that just under half are investing in innovation, and 44 per cent are focused on upskilling employees. Only 28 per cent of businesses are altering their business strategy to plan for the impact of technology.- THE STRAITS TIMES