Bystander helps catch snatch thief in Bukit Panjang

Singaporeans would just sit back when others need help, think again.

A member of the public quickly came to the rescue after three teenagers pushed and snatched away money from two men in Bukit Panjang on Sunday (Oct 26), police said yesterday in a press release..

The three teenagers approached and offered to sell a mobile phone to the two victims on Sunday. When one of the victims took out the cash, the suspect pushed him from the back and snatched the money.

They then fled in different directions.

The victims then chased after them while shouting for help.

Their cries attracted the attention of someone from the public who helped to detain the 18-year-old suspect and handed him over to the police, who did not reveal the name of the hero.

The stolen cash of $80 was also recovered.

Police subsequent arrested the other two suspects yesterday.

The three suspects will be charged with s​natch theft in court on today (Oct 28).

They face a maximum jail term of 7 years and shall also be liable to caning.  


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