Cameron Highlands floods: Two more bodies found, bringing tally to 5 dead

Five people are dead, following Wednesday’s mud flood and landslide in the Cameron Highlands.

The bodies of two Indonesian nationals, a man and a woman, were found buried near a landslide in Bertam Valley yesterday morning, said Cameron Highlands police chief DSP Wan Zahari Wan Busu.

The Malay Mail reported that both were workers at a vegetable farm.

They've been identified as  Suwalis, 40, and Yunita, 41.

The search and rescue operation was terminated at noon yesterday after police confirmed no one else was buried in the landslide.

Student, 13, among the dead

Wednesday's tragedy claimed the lives of student R. Tunesh, 13, as well as vegetable farm workers Anipan, 48, from Indonesia and Md Yousuf Miya, 66, from Nepal.

Tunesh drowned in the Sungai Terlom in Kampung Raja.

Anipan  Md Yousuf were found under landslide debris in different areas.

Over 200 people from 47 families in Kampung Baru and Bertam Valley had to be evacuated to the Ringlet Community Hall.

Source: Malay Mail