Cancer-stricken mum's plea to nurse: If I die, please take care of my son

A woman dying of terminal cancer had only one wish. Tricia Somers wanted to find someone to take care of her 8-year-old son Wesley.

And then she met her nurse.

Instantly, Somers knew.

Somers, who has liver cancer, said: "She came in and I felt this overwhelming feeling of comfort... She's the one."

Nurse Tricia Seaman was by her side as Somers, 45, went through chemotherapy.

When she was about to be discharged, Somers asked Seaman to take care of her son when she dies - because there's no one else in her family who could take Wesley in.

The nurse was shocked by her patient’s request, but seriously discussed the idea with her husband. The couple was already looking to adopt another son.

Wesley, who was an only child, became part of the Seaman family. He now has three sisters and an older 10-year-old brother.

Somers is currently in hospice care and it is not clear how long she has to live.

"I am at peace and I accept it," Somers told the press. "I just hope that I can be here as long as I can be here."

Source: New York Daily News