Canned air from Botanic Gdns, anyone? Here're 7 weird & wonderful S'pore-flavoured items on sale at Etsy

Love the Internet? Then check out some truly weird and wonderful things that are being sold through online marketplace Etsy.

We reported on Tuesday (Dec 2) that some sellers on Etsy are making jewellery out of Singapore coins. That got us wondering: What are the other uniquely Singapore-flavoured items that can be bought - for a price, of course.

We list seven rather odd finds.

By the way, prices listed do not included shipping costs. You've been warned.

1) Singapore flag-socket cover

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Trust the good people from SugarDaddyTees from Illinois in United States to help you declare national allegiance at home or in the office.

Who knows? Sparks may just fly with this patriotic plastic cover fixed on your electrical outlets.


2) Do-it-yourself 3D paper model of Chinatown shophouses

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According to the write-up, the package arrives in the form of a book. You'll have to cut along the perforated lines and then form the building.

The result is a pretty cool-looking paper model of a Chinatown shophouse.

Buyers will also get a short write-up of the history of the historical district.


3) Vintage/ used coaster from Singapore Cricket Club

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This well-used (some say well-loved) coaster from the Singapore Cricket Club gives a whole new meaning to the term "vintage".

No bells or whistles, just the real thing, which has seen more than its fair share of drinks. 


4) Vintage in-flight serving bowls from Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines 

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For $21.05 you get two in-flight dessert bowls from Singapore Airlines and another from Malaysia Airlines.

Worried about authenticity? 

The bowls have the airlines' logos embossed on the bottom. 

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5) JPEG of Labrador Park

Photo: Screengrab/


If you don't have the time to go down to Labrador Park to take your own picture, you can always download one from Etsy- for a fee, of course.

No, seriously. 

This shot measures 1536 pixels by 2048 pixels, so it's big.

On sale for $8.07, you can always wax lyrical over how the image was taken at 5pm on a weekday.


6) Old Singapore two-dollar note 

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Pay $5,0000 and you get back an old $2 in return.

How old? It's the purple one featuring a Chinese junk.

If that's too expensive for your taste, the same seller, SGBestsellections, is hawking an old $1 dollar note for half the price... at $2,500.

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7) Original canned air from Singapore

Yours for $13.43 minus shipping.

Seller cooperativ even has a special "formula" featuring whiffs of oxygen and carbon dioxide from various prime spots: 

25% Botanic Gardens
10% Chinatown
10% Little India
20% Central Business District
15% The Singapore Flyer
10% Merlion
10% Marina Bay Sands SkyPark 

Apparently, the seller is in contact with a Singapore supplier and they received "a few hundreds gallons of fresh air".

So no chance of them running out of hot air anytime soon.

What other weird Singapore-linked items have you seen? Help add to our list!