Can't order an iPhone 6 till Friday, but Japanese already queueing for it

Pre-ordering for the new iPhone won't start till Friday in Japan and it will not arrive till more than a week later.

But dedicated fans in Japan have already started queueing.

Hard core Apple fans in the country began staking out their spots on the pavement days before Tuesday's big unveil.

Whether awesome or otherwise, the devices were apparently a must-by for them. Loyal fans or undiscerning consumers, we're not sure.

'Very tense'

Mr Tetsuya Tamura, 45, and his 20-year-old son set up camp outside the Apple’s flagship store in glitzy Ginza on Saturday, and had to wait until the wee hours of Wednesday to hear about the Apple Watch new iPhone models.

"The unveiling of the Apple Watch here was very tense. Everyone said, ‘Yeah, they did it!’," said Mr Tamura, an office worker.

He proudly told AFP he works weekends to accumulate the leave necessary for his annual Apple vigil.

'It's like climbing a mountain'

Mr Kajigaya Takuya, 30, a comedian, joined the line on Tuesday. 

He said: "The staff at the Apple Store are kind, they let us charge our iPads and iPhones, and we can use the toilet in the shop."

Mr Takuya said he enjoys the challenge of waiting outside to be among the first to touch the device.

"Of course, you need patience, it’s like climbing a mountain – in the end you feel as if you’ve achieved something, I think it’s great," he said.

Apple Watch

If you can't wait, you can always make your own.



Japanese Twitter user Hiromichi Shoji (@sinomoritsukasa) carved his version of the Apple Watch from the fruit soon after the US tech giant announced the new wearable gadget.

"I got an Apple Watch already! Its web site is lovely with nice visuals and text describing it," he said in a tweet, referencing the mock Internet page he created for his invention.

"This is a device that can absolutely mess up the cuff of your dress shirt," he said in a caption.

"This is a partner that turns brown and attract(s) tiny flies," said another.

Mr Shoji told AFP he was happy to share his joke with the rest of the world, but admitted in another tweet: “(Making the watch) was the most pointless two hours of my life”.

Source: AFP

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