Caption this! Zoo's new additions enjoy koala-ty 'first class' flight to S'pore

The Singapore Zoo is set to receive four koalas from Australia - and it looks like all the stops are being pulled out to get them here.

Instead of being cooped up in a box in the cargo hold, it looks like the quartet of cuddly marsupials will be flying first class, judging by some wacky photos from a Facebook post by Qantas.

While adorable, the koala involved in the photoshoot looked a little bit lost when presented a drink and towel by its attending stewardess.

"Wait, water in a can? Where's my champagne!"

"It's not food, it's not drink. What the heck is that thing?"

The intrepid traveler did look a little happier when presented with something it was more familiar with - a meal of eucalyptus leaves.

A Qantas stewardess brings lunch for one of the four koalas that will be coming to the Singapore Zoo.
"Om nom nom nom... First class rocks."

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Source: Facebook

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