Casanova 'meets' M'sia woman over mobile app, cons her of $11k

This article is more than 12 months old

The Kuala Lumpur woman was happy when she connected with a man on a mobile messaging app.

She was charmed by the Portugese-Arabic guy. Unfortunately, the goodwill was short-lived as she ended up getting cheated of RM29,000 (about S$11,000), newspaper The Star reported.

The woman, a fitness instructor who wished to be known only as Tan, 27, got to know the guy in June last year.

She said: : “He told me that he was born in Malaysia but had migrated to New Zealand as a child before recently returning here to set up business."

After about a month of chatting via the app, Tan and the man shared a more “intimate” relationship.

She recalled: “Everything went well at first. But after a while, he started asking me for money as he was having problems with his business.”

'Empty bank account'

Tan said that over a period of five months starting from July last year, the Casanova borrowed RM29,000 from her for various reasons.

“I had to empty my bank account and take loans to get the money for him,” she said.

Tan began suspecting something was amiss when the guy started ignoring her calls.

At a press conference arranged by MCA Public Service and Complaints Department chairman Datuk Seri Michael Chong, she said:

“I went to his bungalow in Ampang, which he pointed out to me once, but I found out that he did not live there.

“Only then did I realise that I had been duped." 

Chong urged everyone to be wary of strangers they meet online or on chat applications.

“Last year, I received 32 cases where women had been cheated or taken advantage of after meeting people on these apps,” he said.

Source: Star Online