Ceasefire fails to take off as Israel-Gaza conflict continues to claim more lives

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Israeli air strikes in Gaza resumed after the Egyptian-proposed ceasefire lasted just mere hours.

Hamas' military wing rejected the truce claiming that it had not been consulted and would not stop firing unless they are presented with an agreement involving Israeli concessions.

A spokesman for Hamas said the ceasefire was "not worth the ink used in writing it."

Israel's security cabinet had approved of the ceasefire Monday morning, and had stopped firing into Gaza. But when militants in Gaza continued firing rockets into Israel, Israel resumed military operations.

The rocket fire killed one Israeli civilian, Israel's first casualty since the raids eight days ago.

Three Palestinians were also killed in the renewed strike, bringing the death toll to 197.

Israeli PM: Our answer is fire

Following the failed deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given the miliary authorisation to use "full force" against militants in Gaza.

"Hamas chose to continue fighting and will pay the price for that decision," said Netanyahu in a televised speech Tuesday evening. "When there is no ceasefire, our answer is fire."

Source: AFP

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