'Child in distress' turns out to be parrot

This article is more than 12 months old

A woman in a Connecticut thought she heard the cries of a child in distress and called the police.

She then followed the voice that said "Daddy. Daddy, Daddy" and found a parrot, reported NewsChannel 4. 

“The voice kept saying daddy, daddy,daddy, then said what? Almost as if the child was talking to someone else,” she said.

Ralphie, the parrot, had been missing for a few days and was about 7 metres up a tree. 

After identifying its owner as a resident who lived over 1 km away, Animal Welfare took the bird to be reunited with its relieved owner, reported The Independent.

Animal Welfare said the parrot would not stop talking on the journey back and had an impressive vocabulary of a number of words that included “hello”, “what” and, of course, “daddy.”

Sources: News Channel 4, The Independent