China mother scolds supermarket employee for stopping her child from peeing in store

This article is more than 12 months old


What makes a parent see fit to allow their child to defecate in public? 

We still can't figure that one out. 

A child in Liaoning China was caught peeing in a supermarket by an employee who then told the child to stop. 

But that set the child's mother off.

The Shanghaiist reported that the mother of the child started scolding the supermarket worker and took it even further when she allegedly even exclaimed that it was her children's "right to defecate" wherever they pleased.

Even though the supermarket manager had apologised (!) , the scolding apparently carried on for a 1/2-hour until the worker collapsed from a heart attack and had to be sent to hospital. 

And even that did not appease the mother, who left the supermarket only after she was given free fruit. (The child was peeing at the fruit section.)


Sources: The Shanghaiist, Bastille Post