Chinese businessmen pay $120,000 for five-minute ride in space

This article is more than 12 months old

Chinese space enthusiasts have booked tickets costing nearly US$100,000 (S$120,000) for a five-minute trip to outer space, official media reported on Friday.

The 305 buyers snapped up tickets for a trip with Dutch firm Space Expedition Corp (SXC) when they went on sale on Taobao, an online retail website, the state-run China Daily reported.

The trips will take place in a two-man craft that remains in space for five to six minutes, giving the tourist a rarely seen view and the experience of weightlessness, the report said.

The tickets were sold for 599,999 yuan (S$120,000) it said.

Four businessmen from the southwestern city of Chengdu and two from Shanghai were among those who signed up.

The Taobao page selling the tickets was only available on Thursday, a spokesman for the website told AFP.

No date for the trip was given. 

Source: AFP