Chinese couple booted off Hong Kong flight after son, 3, refused to buckle up

A couple from China and their three-year-old son were booted off a Cathay Pacific flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong on Tuesday after the child refused to put on his seatbelt.

The incident took place at 3.15pm during take-off and the flight was delayed by 27 minutes, reported The South China Morning Post.

Apple Daily reported that the boy refused to buckle up and wanted to sit on his mother's lap.

When asked by the flight attendants to follow instructions, the parents refused and a heated argument with fellow passengers ensued.

A passenger on flight CX654 filmed the incident.

According to Apple Daily, the airline called police in to deal with the matter.

South China Morning Post reported Cathay Pacific as saying that the decision to remove the family of three was based on safety issues as they did not follow the crew's instructions.

Sources: South China Morning Post, Apple Daily

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