Chris Brown gives advice to NFL player who punched his wife: 'I've been down that road.'

Following the outrage sparked by the video of American National Football League (NFL) player Ray Rice his then-fiancee out cold, Chris Brown has some advice for Rice.

The video, filmed in February, also showed him standing coldly over his wife's body outside an elevator.

Despite the incident, Rice and Janay Palmer got married the following month and ​she has spoken up about her love and support for him despite "a moment in our lives that we regret every day".



Rice has since been banned by the league indefinitely. 

Singer Brown, 25, who assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 told MTV: "I've been down that road."

He spoke out about the triggers of such violent domestic abuse: "With me, I deal with a lot of anger issues from my past - not knowing how to express myself verbally and at the same time not knowing how to cope with my emotions and deal with them and understand what they are."

Brown admitted that he goes for therapy twice a week and those sessions have helped him tremendously.

He said therapy allows him to vent when he is frustrated and he is advised to react in an appropriate way.

"Feelings, emotions, and energy are supposed to come and go," said Brown.

"It's not supposed to stay there, you're not supposed to stay inside, because it will bottle up and you'll become a monster," he added while acknowledging he is simply speaking from personal experience.

His final piece of advice?

"It's all about how you push forward and how you control yourself."

Source: MTV News



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