Close shave for Yishun family as van narrowly misses them

He had just finished having dinner with his parents and was dropping them off in his car.

As Mr Bernard Ng was turning into the carpark in Yishun, he caught a sudden glimpse of a black van on the right side of the road.

Nearby, a family of three - two adults and a child - who were walking on the pavement along the same road, stood watching in horror as the van mounted a kerb and burst through bushes.

It then barrelled across Yishun Avenue 11 using a traffic light crossing before finally coming to a stop on a grass slope behind a bus stop on the opposite side of the road.

Said Mr Ng, 33, owner of a restaurant and chain of hair salons: "It was like some horror or action movie.

"Thank God the family was further along down the pavement and no one was standing near the traffic light, otherwise they would surely have been hit by the car."

Mr Ng said the family looked stunned. He added: "They just pointed at the van as it came to a stop."




The incident, which happened at about 9pm on Sunday, was captured by Mr Ng's in-vehicle camera.

A female drinks stall helper who was working at a nearby coffee shop told The New Paper yesterday that the van had knocked into a parked car at the open-air carpark behind the coffee shop before it continued on to the Yishun road.

"I was working when I heard a loud bang.

"When I looked up, the black van had already hit a white car and was dashing across the pavement."

She said the owner of the white car had his vehicle towed away at around 11pm.

It is believed that no one was hurt in the incident.

When TNP visited the scene yesterday, part of the bushes near the carpark and beside the pavement had been trampled.

There were also visible tyre tracks on the grass slope that went on for about 50m.

A police spokesman said it received a call on Sunday night informing them of an accident at the carpark of Block 348, Yishun Avenue 11.

When they arrived, they established that the accident involved a van and a car. Both parties were advised accordingly.

Mr Ng said: "It was so scary. It's the first time that I have seen such an incident on this stretch of road."