This CNY: Retired teachers leave $66 hongbao and kind words for thief

This elderly couple have a rather unusual tradition.

Come every Lunar New Year, they would make it a habit of leaving a hongbao (red packet) at home for anyone breaking into their house while they are away for the celebrations.

Malaysian paper Guang Ming Daily reported that this has been going on for more than 10 years.

The retired teachers from Wuhan, China, started the habit by leaving a red packet with 100 yuan (about S$22) and a note.

The note states that the couple understood the thief’s situation and expresses hope that he or she would look for a job.

The Star quoted Guang Ming saying someone had taken the ang pow without ransacking the pair's house in 2010.

Retiree-couple in Wuhan, China, leaves a red packet and kind words for potential thieves - as part of their Chinese New Year festivities every year. File photo: SPH/ BT 


This year, the couple prepared 300 yuan ($66) and this message:

“Chinese New Year is coming soon. You must be missing your family members. We are retirees, so we do not have much money.
“Please accept the money and buy a ticket to see your family. After the celebrations, remember to look for a job.”

Source: Star Online, Guang Ming Daily

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