Comedian Mindy Kaling mistaken for Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai

What do US comedy star Mindy Kaling and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai have in common? 

Well, they're both pretty awesome.

But at least one person thinks they're the same person. 

Reporting on a talk that Kaling, 35, gave earlier this month in New York City, The New York Times revealed that the actress was, at one point, stopped and showered with compliments by a partygoer - "a tipsy man in his 80s".

"Congratulations on your Nobel Prize," he said, before asking her about how she recovered from gunshots inflicted by the Taliban. 


Just to be clear: It's 17-year-old Pakistani activist Malala who just became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, and yes, she was shot by the Taliban when she stood up for girls' rights to education.

Kaling is the creator of TV show The Mindy Project.

Kaling's response?

"Did he really think I'm Malala?"  

The two, clearly, look nothing alike. 

Still, Kaling took the incident well, later saying: "That’s the best thing that’s happened all night."

Source: The New York Times

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