Commuter 'blown away' by helpful Novena MRT staff who retrieved $50 note from escalator

Here's another reason to feel some SG50 pride.

A commuter wrote a heartfelt note of thanks to staff of SMRT on their Facebook page.

Mr Nishal John Vethanayagam said that a $50 note he was holding had slipped through his hands and fallen into the escalator at Novena MRT station.

He then went to the control station where they noted his name, IC number and contact details. 

Mr Nishal did not expect to see his money again, especially after the staff had given him a non-committal response.

The staff had told him: "Can't make any promises - if we find it, we'll let you know."

To his surprise, merely two hours later, Mr Nishal received a phone call asking him to come to Novena to collect his $50 note.

Clearly impressed with the staff's efforts, Mr Nishal recounted how the note was retrieved: "To retrieve the $50, they had to stop the escalator, open up each and every step (in case it was stuck inside any of them), and when they couldn't find it, then go down to the bottom and fetch the $50."

The Indian citizen said: "This year, Singapore celebrates 50 years... and I would like to raise a toast to the spirit of this nation. I hope and pray you would never lose this rare and often unappreciated part of you that warms my heart and cheers my soul."

The Facebook post has since gone viral garnering almost 500 shares and more than 1,500 likes.

In the comments section of the post, others have also chosen to express appreciation for SMRT staff who have helped them in various ways.

Source: Facebook