Conjoined twins: One body, two faces

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A pair of conjoined twins sharing one body, but have separate faces and brains were born in Sydney, Australia. 

Their proud parents describe their babies as "little Aussie fighters".

Sydney couple Renee Young and Simon Howie learned at a 19-week ultrasound that their babies would be born with a rare condition called diprosopus, Woman’s Day magazine reported.

“Even though there is only one body, we call them our twins,” Howie told the magazine.

“To us, they are our girls and we love them.”

Young gave birth last Thursday by emergency caesarean, some six weeks early.

Named Hope and Faith, the girls share one unusually-shaped skull with duplicated facial features and separate brains joined at the stem. They have one set of limbs and organs.

They are in intensive care at the Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney’s west where they have impressed doctors with their progress.

Sources: Daily Mail, AFP