Contractor makes shoe rack for couple to thank them for giving him food and drinks

A couple were surprised after they suddenly found a small shoe rack made out of wood at their doorstep.

Mr Priveen Raj and his wife did not know who placed the rack at their new flat in Yishun Green Walk.



"We thought it might have been our neighbours and we even thought someone had put it there because they were annoyed of them leaving their slippers lying about," Mr Priveen told The New Paper.

But when he saw Raj Kumar, a contractor with Straits Construction Singapore, he knew that he was the one.



Mr Priveen, an aviation lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic, said: "He smiled at me and it instantly clicked that he was responsible for the shoe rack."

When he asked Raj if he had made and left the shoe rack at his doorstep, the Indian national said that he simply wanted to do something to return their kind deeds.

Mr Priveen and his wife would often give food and drinks to the workers.

So Raj and his friends decided to make a shoe rack for him. 

Raj, who was almost in tears, had told Mr Priveen that not many people here even "talks to the workers" much less showed him "so much respect and kindness."

Overwhelmed, Raj made a shoe rack out of recycled wood as a way to thank the couple. 

Now a friendship has formed between Raj and the couple. 

Mr Priveen told The New Paper: "We are going to hold a post-Deepavali and shoe rack dinner for them so they know that they are not alone. After all, they did not celebrate Deepavali and we want to show our appreciation."

Source: Facebook