Couple in US tips restaurant server 150 per cent for bad service. Why?

This may just be one of the most heartwarming gestures you've come across.

Makenzie and Steven Schultz were having their anniversary dinner date at a restaurant that gave terrible service.

How terrible was it? Well, they had to wait 20 minutes for water, 40 minutes for an appetizer and over an hour for the entree.

Yet, they decided to tip the server US$100 (S$127), which works out to be a 150 per cent tip.

The reason? Both had been in the server's shoes and understood the difficulties of the restaurant being under-staffed.

They watched as he served 12 tables while doubling as the bartender. Yet the guy never lost his patience or temper. 

Customers around them were pretty negative, said horrible things about the service and even walked out.

"I finally said to my husband, 'Well, we have nowhere to be and everything is usually so rushed in our lives that this is kind of nice,'" Makenzie told Good Morning America. "We tried to be as nice to him as possible and he was so nice to us."

They then decided to help the hardworking server out and left the hefty tip - along with a note on the receipt. "We've both been in your shoes. Paying it forward."

They then left without speaking to the server, hoping he would get a pleasant surprise.

Makenzie then shared the story on Facebook on Sunday (Sept 28).

She intended for it to serve as a reminder to her friends and family as a reminder to "think of the entire situation, before you judge (someone)".

"This is more about being kind and being generous," she told "We just wanted him to know that we've been in his shoes."

 Neither she nor her husband expected the post to go viral. But it did, with almost 1.6 million people liking it and over 200,000 sharing the story.

Definitely a story to feel good over the long weekend!

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