Crazed cat terrorises elderly couple in two-day ordeal

This article is more than 12 months old

Not all cats are cute and cuddly, as this devil cat proved. 

The wild feline jumped into an elderly British couple's house last Thursday. It smashed antiques, defecated on the floor, and bit one of the homeowners, reported Kent Online. 

The cat's destructive streak ended only after a neighbour, in his full leather motorcycle suit and helmet, caught it before releasing it outside, added the report.

Retiree Bruce Gough, 74, had managed to coax the wild animal out from under a bed after it gained entry into his Kent apartment.

“But when I went to pick it up, it just flew at me and sank its teeth and claws into my forearm," he said. 

“It was going berserk and flew around the room, knocking things over, including a Victorian ewer on the mantlepiece, which smashed.”

The elderly man had to go to hospital for the scratches and bite wounds and was given tetanus and antibiotics injections.


In desperation, Mr Gough and his wife Eileen, 77, shut it in the bedroom and it was later seen prowling a window, reported Daily Mail.  

Mrs Cough said: "The cat had clawed its way up curtains and sat on the edge of the sash window, and that's where it was the following morning."

They called the Royal SPCA, but the charity refused help because the feral cat was healthy and not in distress.

The 48-hour ordeal ended when ex-firefighter Andrew Fox, 58, caught the cat after a brief chase in his full body suit.

Mr Gough said: "We were very grateful to Andrew."

"He tells me it wasn’t going to come quietly and put up a hell of a fight.”

Sources: Kent Online, Daily Mail