Cuddles Cat Cafe in Orchard says 7 cats have died under its care since last December

Cuddles Cat Cafe at *Scape said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Dec 17) that seven cats have died under its care since December last year.

It said three of the cats died of sterilisation and veterinary complications, while four others died of a fatal viral disease called Feline Infectious Peritonitises.


It said in a separate Facebook post hours later: "Kindly note that we love all our cats very much and would never ever want them to die ever."

It added: "We acted on all feedback provided by patrons and it has been an eventful learning journey for us. We regret that this incident has deeply upset the public, but rest assured, we will continue to address all allegations to our absolute best."


Patrons of this petting zoo, which opened in Orchard three months ago, are no longer allowed to carry or feed the cats. 

The company also said it has improved on its care for cats and the training of its staff.

The cafe is being investigated by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority over the deaths, reported The Straits Times.

Sources: Facebook, The Straits Times

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