Cuddles Cat Cafe owner puts shop up for sale

Cuddles Cat Cafe owner Jonathan Tan has decided to sell his shop at *Scape, just a day after admitting that seven cats have died under the cafe's care.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (Dec 18), Mr Tan said he was "seeking forgiveness from the public" and was "deeply sorry for the deaths".

He listed down a series of things he was regretful for and remorseful over, including purchasing instead of adopting the cats and the fact that some of the cats now have health problems.


He added: "I am ashamed for the lapse in training (of employees)."

Mr Tan had admitted on Tuesday (Dec 17) that seven cats have died under the cafe's care since December last year either from sterilisation and veterinary complications or of a fatal viral disease called Feline Infectious Peritonitises.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is investigating the cafe over the deaths of the felines.

The Straits Times reported that the cafe's licence expired on Wednesday and was not renewed by AVA.

Mr Tan has put the shop up for sale.

"After thorough considerations, I believe that in the best interest of our cats, they should be kept together as a family under a new owner. Hence, Cuddles Cat Cafe will be offered up for a business takeover."

He added: "Rest assured that I will be screening the new owners very thoroughly."

Sources: Facebook/Cuddles Cat Cafe, The Straits Times

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