Culprit in bus crash that killed 8 people to get away with $112 fine?

The horrific accident claimed eight lives and left 21 injured.

A tour bus struck a wheel that fell on the highway, collided with a car and overturned, then burst into flames on Thursday (Jan 15).

But the culprit behind the incident in Ipoh, Malaysia, will get away with a RM300 (about S$112) fine.

Federal deputy traffic chief Mahamad Akhir Dar said police were trying to trace the trailer from which the wheel came off.

The owner was liable to the RM300 fine under Rule 19 of the Road Traffic Rules 1959. “That is the fine for a load falling off a vehicle,” he said.

He added that the bus driver had three outstanding summonses. An arrest warrant had been issued for one of the offences.

He said:

“Based on our records, his outstanding summonses were for obstructing traffic with his motorcycle, using a mobile phone while driving and speeding.

"The arrest warrant was issued for using his mobile phone while driving.”

Source: Star Online


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