Customers find rat in steamboat in China; Store manager gives each witness S$440

A group of diners at a restaurant in China was horrified to find a rat in their fish steamboat.

One of them posted a photo of the creature on social media with the caption: "I will not have a meal there again in this lifetime or the next. I never thought such a thing would happen to me."

The incident happened at 12.45pm earlier this week in Nanchong city in the Sichuan province.

According to news website Sina, the group of three or four diners ordered 2kg of fish head, 1kg of swordfish and some vegetables.

Restaurant server He Liping told Sina the food was cooked in three separate rounds and that she helped to scoop out all the ingredients after each round.

She said she did not find the rodent in it during the first two rounds.

No charge for the meal

The customers were close to finishing their meal when they found the rat. They requested to speak to the manager.

The commotion attracted the attention of other patrons, who started to gather around.

The outlet manager did not charge the group for their meal, which cost about 300 yuan ($66). 

Some of the other patrons were also not billed, reported

The restaurant also gave each witness, including the diners of that table, 2,000 yuan.

It spent a total of about 20,000 yuan.

Although no reports were made, authorities from the Food and Drug Administration are investigating the matter.

Said the manager: "We still don't understand how the rat got into the pot. It feels like we were pranked."

When asked by a Sina reporter why a police report was not made if they suspected foul play, the manager said: "At that time I thought we could use money to settle the matter."

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