Cyclist dumps bike on car hood

He was driving home with his wife along Selegie Road when he realised that the taxi ahead of him was moving slowly and hogging the road.

So Mr Woo honked at him.

But a cyclist who was just up ahead thought he was honking at him instead and became enraged.

Mr Woo said the cyclist “jammed on his brakes” repeatedly.

“When he did that, I also had to do the same.

He’s on a bike, I’m in a car. If I hit him even slightly, it would be dangerous for him,” said Mr Woo, who only wanted to reveal his surname and declined to reveal his occupation saying he was afraid of reprisals.

“It looked like he was challenging me to hit him.”

After a short while, the cyclist suddenly stopped and dismounted from his bicycle.

What he did next gave Mr Woo a big shock: He lifted his bicycle in the air and dumped it onto the hood of the car.

Mr Woo, 47, told The New Paper yesterday: “I was so shocked when he did that. Usually in these sorts of incidents you would try to talk to the other driver to find out what’s going on first. But he became violent without even giving us a chance to react.”

According to Mr Woo, he had only honked once, and even then had merely tapped on his horn, not blasted it.

The incident, which happened last Friday at about 9.50pm, was caught on Mr Woo’s in-car camera. He posted the video on citizen journalism website Stomp yesterday morning.

Mr Woo claimed that when he and his wife stepped out of their car to confront the cyclist, he tried to leave.

He said: “My wife grabbed onto his bicycle to prevent him from leaving. He then claimed that we were trying to steal it.”

The Woos eventually called the police.

A police spokesman confirmed they received a call about a disturbance at 189 Selegie Road.

When they arrived at the scene, they established that there had been a case of mischief to vehicles at the location. No arrests were made and investigations are ongoing.

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