Cyclist's horrifying crash caught on tape

This article is more than 12 months old

This British cyclist had his nightmare collision captured via a bullet camera on his handlebars. 

In the hit-and-run accident, Mr Patrick Knetemann was cycling along a two-laned road when a black Volkswagen Polo suddenly swerved from the opposite lane. 

"He came out of nowhere. The impact was so quick I had no time to stop," said the office worker, 34, reported Express. 

"I hit the windscreen with my shoulder and it shattered straight away - that shows how fast and hard he hit me."

The raw footage showed both Mr Knetemann and his bike being thrown into the air. 

"I think he was turning right to go into the Kwik Fit garage and didn't see me."

Bike snapped

The impact also caused his £1,000 (S$2,125) red BMC road bike to snap into two, reported Daily Mail. 

Thankfully, an off-duty paramedic passed by and came to Mr Knetemann's aid.

He survived with fractures to two cervical discs in his neck and bruising to his upper body.

Watch the footage here

Sources: Express, Daily Mail