Dad gets life for tossing 8-month-old baby girl out of train during spat with wife

Think twice before acting out of anger.

Or you may just end with a lifetime of regrets, like 38-year-old Murugan, a labourer from Tamil Nadu.

He killed his own flesh and blood in a moment of rage - by throwing his 8-month-old daughter out of a moving train during a quarrel with his wife. 

It happened last year when the family went to visit his sister in Nagercoil to get money for Deepavali, newspaper The Star reported. He was unemployed at the time

On their way back home, his wife Poomari, 28, was upset that the sister-in-law had given her husband new clothes but nothing for her.  

Husband and wife argued.

Child's body found by river bank

In a moment of blind anger, Murugan grabbed his daughter Mariselvi, and hurled her out of the train's window. 

The following day, his mother demanded to know what had happened to her granddaughter.

That's when the couple came clean and confessed.

Poormari, along with family members, found the child's body on the banks of the Tamirabarini River.  

Passers-by notified police, who rushed to the scene.

He was sentenced to life.

Source: The Star Online