Dad slits teen's throat over her affair with older man

The father was furious that his teen daughter was having an affair with a man almost twice her age.

Indian farm worker Ramakrishnan, 46, repeatedly warned 16-year-old student Ranjitha​ to end things with the 30-year-old man - who came from the same village called Polagam in Nagapattinam, about 75km from Chennai, Tamil Nadu​.

She refused.

So the incensed father took steps to end the affair - by killing his daughter, Malaysian newspaper The Star, quoting Malaysia Nanban, reported.

On Wednesday, Ramakrishnan sent his children, except Ranjitha, to his relative’s house in an adjacent village.

Later that night, he brought the matter up with Ranjitha. When the girl stood her ground, an enraged Ramakrishnan pulled out a sickle and slit her throat.

Source: Star Online