Dad uses son, 3, as drug mule: Cops find meth in his schoolbag

A three-year-old boy in Nanjing, China, didn't have books in his schoolbag.

Instead, he had drugs.

The boy was carrying one kilo of methamphetamine when police found him, Yangzi Evening News reported on yesterday (Nov 7).

The cops had arrested a dealer surnamed Zhao near Yaoxin Street during a drug bust. As they arrested the man, their attention was drawn to a child nearby - standing by himself with a schoolbag.

Upon checking the backpack, they found a bag of white powder, which was identified as meth.

Hid drugs in son's backpack

The boy turned out to be Zhao's son.

He would bring the child along and stuff drugs into his schoolbag to conceal them inconspicuously.

Police later raided Zhao's home in Anhui province and found 90g of drugs.

Zhao and two other accomplices were detained and investigations are underway.

Source: Yangzi Evening News