Dead rodent in diner's plate at Shanghai eatery

A family got the shock of their lives when they spotted a dead mouse in one of their plates in a restaurant in Shanghai. 

Mr Zhang, who was with his family, said they stumbled upon the revolting discovery while they were eating a vegetable dish.

The restaurant staff were immediately informed.

According to Mr Zhang, a customer near his table vomited at the sight of the unwanted ingredient. 

He said that he took a picture of the rodent before the plate was taken away.

Police informed

Mr Zhang called police and the local authorities to report the incident despite the restaurant manager's pleas not to.

Authorities said they have launched an investigation.

"The restaurant admitted to the existence of the mouse in the dish and agreed it was a mistake," said a Changning Market Administration Bureau spokesman.

Changning is a district in Shanghai.

He added that the restaurant will be punished if found to have violated food safety regulations. 

Source: Shanghai Daily

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