Dirty little secret: This man's not showering for 128 days. Why?

Meet the man with a dirty little secret.

Cody Creighton hasn't showered for two months. But there's a reason behind the bizarre habit.

He's trying to conserve water - and raise awareness on the topic as California grapples with a historic drought.

The 23-year-old launched social media campaign "One Day Dirtier" this month to commemorate his 50th day without a shower and to spread the word.

For every repost and#OneDayDirtier tag on Instagram, Creighton pledged another day without a shower –  bringing his goal up to 128 days.

"Seeing what this drought has done to the environment where I live in Ojai, California, it inspired me to challenge myself to stop showering for a week earlier this summer. Somehow the week turned into a month, a month into fifty days," Creighton told The Weather Channel.

He neither smells nor looks bad.

Creighton said. "I brush my teeth, wash my hands and face, wear deodorant, and I go to the beach, a swimming pool or water hole every day." 

Although he plans to reach 128 days without a shower, Creighton's campaign sees no sign of stopping. 

"I'd hate to think of an end goal for the One Day Dirtier campaign. My hopes are that it continues to expand and grow," Creighton said. 

Sources: The Weather Channel, Instagram