Disabled girl told to leave restaurant for being too loud

Megan Brennan, 19, and her family were at an outlet of a popular food chain in the UK when they were told to leave for making too much noise. 

The pub manager's complaint?

That Megan, who has the mental age of a one-year-old, was annoying customers. 

Jack, Megan's brother, told Mirror Online that the visit was meant to be a goodbye meal for Megan's carers before she moved into full-time care, but that their meal was completely ruined after the manager complained.

Megan's mother Helen later asked diners and other staff if Megan had bothered them but discovered that no one had made a complaint.

 A spokesman for the food chain later said: "We apologise to Megan and her family and are investigating their complaint thoroughly."

The food chain has offered the family a £100 (S$205) gift token as a form of apology, but Megan's mum has said she will not be returning to the restaurant.

Source: Mirror Online

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