Divers retrieve second blackbox from AirAsia QZ8501

Divers retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the wreck of  AirAsia QZ8501 on Tuesday, MetroTV said quoting a transport official.

The find is a key piece of evidence for investigators to determine the cause of the crash that killed 162 people.

The cockpit voice recorder, which records conversations between the pilots and with air traffic controllers, was found close to where the flight data recorder was recovered on Monday, the report said.

Previously, two government officials said divers had recovered an object but could not confirm what it was until its serial number was verified.

On Monday (Jan 12), officials confirmed that they recovered the flight data recorder.


Indonesian officers move the retrieved Flight Data Recorder to a protective transportation case in Pangkalan Bun on January 12, 2015.​ Photo: AFP

Black boxes contain a wealth of data that will be crucial for investigators piecing together the sequence of events that led to the Airbus A320-200 to crash into the sea on Dec. 28, less than halfway into a two-hour flight.

The cockpit voice recorder was now on board an Indonesian navy vessel and expected to be sent to the capital, Jakarta, for analysis,

MetroTV said. Investigators may need up to a month to get a complete reading of the data.

Dozens of Indonesian navy divers took advantage of calmer weather this week to retrieve the black boxes and now hope to find the fuselage of the Airbus.

Forty-eight bodies have been retrieved from the Java Sea and brought to Surabaya for identification. Searchers believe more bodies will be found in the plane’s fuselage.

Source: Reuters