Divorce selfie might just be the best selfie ever

Think you've seen all the selfies out there?

Think again. The most recent edition to go viral was taken by two lovely people who just got divorced. Yeah, you heard right.

Orlando couple Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight got their divorce finalised last Thursday after a three-year marriage.

But they're still on friendly terms. See the proof below.

Photo: Keith Hinson/Instagram

Keith, 36, said the reason they snapped it was to show their friends and family that they were okay.

Their loved ones won't need to pick sides.

"Michelle and I have a good sense of humor about this," Keith told the Huffington Post.

"And we also wanted to let people know that this didn't have to be a negative experience... We've been separated a year, and throughout that time, we've both been committed to preserving our friendship."

Michelle, 35, knows families and friends find the arrangement is unconventional but are happy with how it worked out.

"They first balked at our dog custody arrangement, which requires us to see each other each weekend with the dog! But ultimately, I think they are proud of how we are handling things. It makes it easier on our friends for us to be friendly."

Photo: Keith Hinson/Facebook

Although the marriage was just three years, they don't regret any bit of it.

"To share that kind of bond with another is one of the most divine gifts given to us," Keith said. "I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to love and be loved in return. I truly smile because I lived in that beautiful sunlight of love for a bit."

Now if only all divorces were this beautiful!

Gif: Weknowmemes

Sources: Huffington Post, Instagram, Facebook