Do you want to spend less time on your phone? Well, there's an app for that

Looking at our phones constantly to check for social media updates, calls or texts has become second nature for many of us.

A study conducted in Berlin found that the average phone user unlocks their device 63 times a day and uses their phone for a minimum of three hours a day.

A Berlin-based psychologist wanted to reverse this trend.

And his solution? To create an app.

An app may not sound like the best solution to help wean people off their devices, but Offtime believes it will be successful.

All notifications, texts and calls will be blocked when Offtime is enabled.



People will only be able to get through if there is an emergency. The app can detect an emergency when someone calls in more than six times.

Calls and texts can also be enabled for "important groups" like family so you never miss an important call while "unplugging".

Otherwise, auto messages like "I'm off the grid. And I'll call you back at 7pm" will be automatically sent out to anyone trying to get in touch.

The app also restricts access to apps or limit internet access on these apps. 

Will it work? Or does the app seem counter-intuitive?

Source: Mail Online