Doctor accused of 'sexting' during surgery

This article is more than 12 months old

A doctor in Seattle has had his license suspended amid allegations that he was indulging in a round of "sexting", while his patients were under his care.

The Los Angeles Times reported the Arthur Zilberstein, a certified anaesthesiologist texted sexually explicit messages during some 20 or more procedures, which ranged from caesarean sections to an appendectomy between the month of April and August of last year while overseeing patients' surgery.

He allegedly also sent 45 sexually explicit text messages in a two hour time span, and had apparently shrugged off the fact that he was almost caught by his colleagues while he was exposing his genitals.

According to a statement by the Washington State Department of Health, Zilberstein looked through his patient's "medical record imaging for sexual gratification" and had also issued "unauthorised prescription for controlled substances" on at least 29 occasions.

Zilberstein has been suspended until the charges against him are answered.

Source: LA Times, Washington Sate Department of Health