Doctor shoots patient

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A psychiatrist pulled out a gun and shot a patient , critically injuring him,  near Philadephia on Thursday. 

The psychiatric patient had opened fire inside his doctor's office, killing his caseworker and injuring the doctor,  the Philadelphia Inquirer quoted police as saying.

The doctor then shot the patient three times -- twice in the torso and once in the arm.

The patient was in critical condition, while the 52-year-old doctor was grazed in the head by a bullet and is expected to recover. 

Witnesses say

Witnesses and police say the patient, identified as Richard Plotts, entered the doctor's office with his 53-year-old female caseworker, and soon shouting could be heard from the room, reported NBC Philadelphia

One worker reported opening the door and seeing Plotts with a gun pointed at the doctor. 

Someone then called 911, but shooting erupted before officers arrived. 

"This is a tragic event for our hospital and for our community, and we are praying for the safety of the victims," the hospital said in a statement, reported US Today

"We are grateful for the efforts of the emergency responders, and we are working with the Delaware County Police Departments to understand fully the details of the event and to do all we can to assist those affected."

Source: USA Today, Philadephia Inquirer, NBC Philadelphia. 


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