Doctors find 17cm-long pencil in man's tummy - five years after he swallowed it

This article is more than 12 months old

Feeling angry? Don't try what this Sichuan man did.

Lei Bo, 28, was so enraged after arguing with his father in 2009 that he shoved a pencil down his own throat.

Five years later, he finally went to have the pencil removed.

Miraculously, the 17 cm-long pencil did not puncture any of his organs, Chinese website People's Daily said.

Lei said that he had a stomachache for two hours right after he swallowed the pencil.

Other than that, things were normal. He would occasionally get a stomachache if he ate too much food.

It was not known why he eventually decided to remove the object.

His doctor told reporters yesterday (Nov 7) that the pencil - all 17 centimetres of it- had been extremely corroded by stomache acid. The pencil lead had also dissolved.

Source: People's Daily