Does Budget 2015 signal an upcoming election? Here's what our expert says...

The 2015 Budget didn't turn out quite like what some people expected.

Perhaps they were hoping for a bonanza of goodies, in anticipation of Singapore turning 50 this year?

Yes, there were many measures to help middle-income families cope with the cost of living. But there were no huge cash payouts or goodies in line with the nation's Jubilee celebrations.

What bearing does this Budget have when it comes to the polls? Does it signal an upcoming parliamentary general election?

We asked Mr Abhijit Ghosh, an international tax partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Singapore, for his take.



We also got him to share what he liked about this year's Budget: On the job front

 "I think this year's Budget is great in terms of the support it is providing to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), both in terms of encouraging them to be more innovative going forward as well as to internationalise their operations.

"SMEs that want to flourish in Singapore should take advantage of all the measures that have been announced.

"And obviously, through that process, SMEs will provide lot of opportunities for gainful employment of our local Singaporeans."

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