Dog eats 43.5 pairs of socks, the X-rays win $600 in contest

The Great Dane that ate almost four dozen pairs of socks went home alive and well - a day after surgery.

And to show that one good deed deserves another, the X-rays netted the vet-rescuer who operated on it second prize in a contest.

The three-year-old canine, who has an affinity for chewing on socks, was rushed to hospital in February, after vomiting.

Doctors at the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Portland, US, did emergency surgery on the 140-pound (64 kg) pooch.

That's when they fished out the socks, hospital spokeswoman Shawna Harch said.

Photos: FoxNews/ YouTube

"We see some very strange things, but this is by far the most socks we've ever pulled out of an animal," she said.

The X-ray images of the dog's belly won a tongue-in-cheek veterinary industry prize called "They ate WHAT?"

Great Danes are one of the largest species of dogs. Photo: YouTube

DoveLewis will use the US$500 (S$628) prize money to fund emergency care for pets of low-income owners, Harch said.

Based on images of the retrieved items showed, the Great Dane appeared to favor lush-colored footwear in smaller sizes.

No worries about post-sock indigestion: The owners are keeping the dog's name private, Harch said.

"His owners wish to remain anonymous," she said. "But they are getting a kick out of the award."

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